Richard Funke

When former DJ and news reader Rich Funke first ran for NY State Senate in 2014, he had to apologize for making tasteless old-man jokes on Facebook that mocked women. (If you must know, he posted a Bin Laden “take my wife please” joke straight from the 1950s Catskills, and a photo of a hot air balloon shaped like a huge, naked, woman’s rear end. Oh yes, he did.)

Sure, we’ve all got a senile old Uncle Charlie who posts that stuff, but no one ever thought it was wise to elect Uncle Charlie to the State Senate…

Times have changed. But a lot of old guys and their attitudes about women haven’t.

Rich Funke highlights a photo of him surrounded by women at the top of his Twitter page . He goes out of his way to show that he went to an open house for domestic violence survivors. It’s like he knows he needs to do something that looks like he’s pro-women. But it’s all lip service.

On birth control, Rich Funke doesn’t even bother with lip service. One of his constituents complained that Funke considers the morning-after pill “a form of abortion which Funke opposes for religious reasons.”

In fact, the morning-after pill simply delays ovulation in a woman who is not pregnant. But what’s easier: explaining ovulation to Funke or voting for someone other than Funke?

The NY State Legislature took a vote on a bill to prevent people with prior convictions for domestic violence from going out and buying a shotgun. Rich Funke heard this and thought “Oh sure, let those guys buy guns! What could go wrong?!”That’s an attitude straight out of the 1950s – but Rich Funke voted against this common sense bill justthis past year.

Most victims of domestic abuse are female. Common sense says the pro-woman vote (or, you know, the pro-not-being-murdered vote) would’ve been the one that kept convicted batterers from buying guns. If you ask the women of the 55thDistrict what’s needed, you won’t hear more abusers with guns, please.

Times have changed. But a lot of old guys and their priorities haven’t.

You old Uncle Charlie probably wouldn’t think to get on the interwebs and buy the URL with his name on it – and Rich Funke apparently didn’t think to buy either…

Times have changed. But a lot of old guys just…haven’t.